SailSail is a generative art framework
ProbabilisticGolang implementations of Bloom Filters, Min Sketch Count and Min Hashing.
ParkingParking is a live art piece in which users claim a parking spot and hopefully make a human connection.
clrclr is a go library to manage different color spaces, convert between them and compare colors.
FokalFokal is a simple photography site with the goal of getting good images seen.
AdventureAdventure is a port of the classic terminal game Colossal Cave Adventure to modern chat clients.
python-smoochpython-smooch is a python wrapper for the Smooch API
python-markovPython Markov is a simple interface in python to create and use Markov Chains.
AIRAIR is a system for semantic representations of the world.
Introduction to ComputingAn introduction to programming from the ground up.
UDBUDB is a universal data structure system that dynamically optimizes abstract collections.
Java AlgorithmsAn implementation of common algorithms and data structures in Java.